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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bed bugs do not directly spread disease. However, because they bite people, they can cause itching and an allergic reaction. A bed bug bite may also result in a skin infection and, via their feces, can transmit a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi, which is responsible for Chagas disease. If you suspect you have bed bugs, you should call our bed bug specialists at Thermal Clean LLC. We know how annoying bed bugs can be, and we understand how important it is for your health and well-being that they are removed immediately. Our team offers highly effective, safe bed bug treatments to all customers in the Denver and Colorado Front Range areas.

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Do Bed Bugs Carry Chagas Disease?

Generally, bed bugs are considered more of a nuisance pest and do not commonly transmit diseases. However, you may have heard that bed bugs can spread the deadly Chagas disease. This disease is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi(T. cruzi). The kissing bug, a cousin of the bed bug, more often spreads T. cruzi. However, scientists have determined that bed bugs can carry and transmit this parasite as well. This transmission typically occurs when infected bed bug feces come in contact with broken skin, usually from bed bug bites.

Chagas disease is not as common in North America as it is in Central and South America, but as bed bug numbers continue to rise, it has become a concern. If you suspect you have bed bugs, you should have them taken care of as quickly as possible to ensure that you and your family are safe.

Signs you have bed bugs include:

  • Rust-colored stains on your sheets
  • Bed bug bites on exposed skin
  • A sweet, musty smell in your bedroom
  • Seeing live bed bugs in your home
  • Eggs, eggshells, shed exoskeletons, or dead bed bugs
  • Dark smears of bed bug feces on sheets and blankets

Bed Bugs & Your Health

There is no doubt that bed bugs can harm your health. Some people have significant allergic reactions to bed bug bites and require medical attention. Additionally, the lack of sleep and annoyance they cause can chip away at your overall well-being. Bed bugs are often spread as a result of travel. If you are traveling, locally or internationally, you should remain vigilant and be on the lookout for bed bugs.

Before staying in a hotel or vacation rental, you should check:

  • Around your mattress and box springs, paying careful attention to the seams
  • Around headboards and picture frames as bed bugs like to hide behind them
  • In nightstands, dressers, and closets
  • In electrical sockets and around lighting fixtures

Upon returning home, you should check over your luggage and shoes before entering your house. You should also thoroughly wash all of your clothing. Though it is unlikely that a bed bug you encounter in Colorado will cause serious harm to your health, it is always best to play it safe and call in a professional bed bug exterminator like ours in Denver.

Thermal Clean LLC Cares About You

We know how concerning it is to find bed bugs in your home. At Thermal Clean LLC, we are committed to providing every customer with safe, effective bed bug treatments. We utilize a combination of chemical and heat treatments, as well as physically removing the bed bugs from your home. Unlike some companies, our process can be completed in one day and does not require you to throw out your affected furniture, including your mattress.

Our heat treatment can be used in a single room or your whole home or office. Because these treatments reach 150°, they effectively kill the majority of bed bugs. Following the heat treatment with a light chemical treatment takes care of any stragglers and is safe for your family and your pets. Our bed bug removal specialists are the best in the business, and we service the entire Colorado Front Range area.

To learn more about bed bugs or to schedule a free inspection, contact our bed bug removal team at 720-370-8300. Same-day appointments are available.

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