Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

Thermal Clean LLC is the Front Range’s leader in commercial bed bug removal. We service multi-unit apartment complexes, offices, schools, transport vans, medical facilities and more.

Our Approach

Bed Bug Extermination for Commercial Properties

We know how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to find out that bed bugs have invaded your commercial space. It can feel overwhelming navigating how and when and where to treat for the infestations, and the idea of treating multiple times in multiple units is nearly unacceptable for a business trying to get back on track quickly.

That’s where we come in. We have over a decade of experience in commercial bed bug removal. In fact, we are the veritable ‘big guns’ of the bed bug world. Our tried and tested method of thermal heat remediation coupled with pesticide application ensures that you and your business can put bed bugs behind you and get back to doing what you do best.

Simply give us a call and we will discuss your unique situation and together we will create a treatment plan customized for you. Then you can sit back and let us take care of the rest.

Our portable heaters will heat the entire room or unit up to a lethal temperature for bed bugs, ensuring both adults and eggs are killed in cracks, crevices and all parts of the infested area. Then we spray a light residual pesticide as a final barrier for further reinfestation. And just like that, in one day, no more bugs.

All of our services are backed by an industry leading warranty.

Whether is it an apartment building, office space, moving van, school room or more, Thermal Clean can help.


Not sure if your tenant really saw bed bugs? Want to make sure surrounding units aren’t infested? Did an employee find a bug on their desk? 

Thermal Clean performs no obligation inspections to identify whether or not there is an infestation and what we can do about it if there is.

Multi-Unit Discounts

Do you have multiple rooms or dwellings that need bed bug extermination? We can help! And the more we do, the less you pay per unit. Call Today to inquire about our multi-unit discount and get a quote today.

No Confusing Contracts

Thermal Clean offers effective bed bug removal with straight forward pricing and an industry leading guarantee.

Warrantied Service

We won’t leave until all the bugs are gone. We are confident in our process, and we have the guarantee to prove it. 

Honest Inspections

We have over a decade of experience in the bed bug industry. We have seen it all, and we know what we are looking for.

Why Us?

Disadvantages of Other Methods

There are a few ways to eliminate bed bugs infestations. We know first hand because we have literally tried them all. Each can work, but in our experience, especially in commercial properties or in multiple conjoined units, thermal heat remediation combined with pesticide application is the hands down best. 

Still confused on what these bugs are and how they survive. Visit our Bed Bug Facts page for more information.

Steam Heat

Steam heat will kill both eggs and bugs on contact, but it cannot penetrate walls or deep cracks, and since it is a contact killer it is impossible to reach every inch of the home. This method has particular problems with infestations in multiple rooms or heavy infestations, making it ineffective for most commercial properties.

Pesticide Only

Pesticide application is expensive, time consuming and mostly ineffective. Chemicals do not kill the eggs, and the residual effect is often not enough to kill any stragglers that didn’t die on contact. Most times 2-4 treatments are needed with two weeks between each service to give eggs time to hatch, meaning you will be dealing with recurring bugs and multiple treatments for about a month before it is solved, not to mention the large amount of chemicals sprayed in your space.


DIY Bed Bug Treatments

Our truest and best advice, especially in commercial bed bug infestations, is please do not try doing it yourself. Over the counter sprays don’t work. Heat treat by untrained people can be dangerous, and oftentimes DIY solutions back the problem much worse and only increase time, money and hassle in the long run.

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Commercial Bed Bug Remediation

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