Why Thermal Heat?

Thermal heat remediation combined with pesticide application is the most effective way to treat bed bug infestations, and that’s exactly what we use and why we use it.

About Us

Our Story.
 Our Mission.

Our founder’s first exposure to bed bugs occurred in 2006, when a tenant called to say they had bed bugs. It was the first of more calls to come as the infestations around Denver Metro spread. For the next several years, we tried numerous ways to rid apartments of bed bugs whenever they were found. Unfortunately, little was known about bed bugs at the time.

We tried pest control companies, diatomaceous earth, vacuuming, removing carpet, steam cleaning carpet, and probably made every mistake in the book. In 2009, we had a major outbreak in one of our buildings when a tenant did not report their bed bug problem and attempted to handle it on their own. We didn’t learn of the outbreak until all the surrounding units started to report bed bugs in their home. We had heard about using thermal remediation, but we were skeptical. However, given the severity of the outbreak and knowing how difficult it is to get rid of an infestation in one unit, much less multiple units, we knew we had to take our protocol to a new level.

Compared to everything else, thermal remediation yielded by far the best results. The upset calls from residents stopped. The legal threats were no more. We had found an answer. Flash forward and now, for over a decade, we have been providing safe and effective bed bug remediation and larvae extraction services in Denver and throughout the Colorado Front Range.

Our Process

Thermal Heat Remediation

While bed bug removal is an involved process, it doesn’t have to drive you out of your home. Thermal Clean provides safe, effective bed bug removal that doesn’t require you and your family to move into a hotel. Generally speaking, our bed bug removal process is completed in one treatment in one day.

What Is Thermal Heat

Thermal Heat Remediation is the process of heating up the entire home or structure to a temperature between 135-140 degrees for a period of time that is lethal to both bed bugs and their eggs.

We use industrial heaters that we strategically place throughout the space along with computerized temperature monitoring to ensure all areas are properly heated. After we have ensured the correct temperature has been reached for a sufficient time, we will remove the heaters and then apply a light pesticide for a residual treatment. Together, we have a 99% success rate on the first treatment.

The Benefits of Our Method

  • All bed bugs are killed, including their eggs
  • All areas of your home are treated including carpets, furniture, curtains, walls, and ceilings
  • Your home or office are not damaged during treatment
  • You do not need to throw out or replace your mattress or furniture
  • Your home is treated in one day, making this method more cost-effective and sanity saving in the long term.
  • Simply put, it works!

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Finding bed bugs can be an overwhelming and scary experience, but we are here to make the process of removing them as safe, effective and painless as possible.

For any questions or to set up an appointment call (720) 370-8300.


Give us a call if you think you have bed bugs. If you are sure that it is indeed a bed bug infestation, we can schedule treatment right away. If you are unsure, we can come out for an inspection and confirm.



Before treatement, you will be asked to complete a preparation list to ensure that our process will be as effective and safe as possible.

Find the Preparation List HERE.

Thermal Heat

Our heaters will bring the entire home/space to a temperature between 135-140 degrees and keep it there for an extended time. This ensures the bugs and their eggs will die in every crack, crevice and room in the home.

Pesticide Treatment

After we take out the heaters, we will do a light pesticide application along the baseboards of the home or space. This is another layer of protection to ensure the bed bugs are gone and stay gone. 

Sleep Well

Our process is 99% effective on the first treatment, meaning once we leave, you can rest soundly knowing that the bugs are gone and are not coming back.

Why Us?

Disadvantages of Other Methods

There are a few ways to eliminate bed bugs infestations. We know first hand because we have literally tried them all. Each can work, but in our experience thermal heat remediation combined with pesticide application is the hands down best. The other methods can work sometimes, but what we know is that our method works every time.

Still confused on what these bugs are and how they survive. Visit our Bed Bug Facts page for more information.

Steam Heat

Steam heat will kill both eggs and bugs on contact, but it cannot penetrate walls or deep cracks, and since it is a contact killer it is impossible to reach every inch of the home. This method has particular problems with infestations in multiple rooms or heavy infestations.

Pesticide Only

Pesticides do not kill the eggs, and the residual effect is often not enough to kill any stragglers that didn’t die on contact. Most times 2-4 treatments are needed with two weeks between each service, meaning you will be dealing with the problem for about a month before it is solved.


DIY Bed Bug Treatments

Our truest and best advice, especially in commercial bed bug infestations, is please do not try doing it yourself. Over the counter sprays don’t work. Heat treat by untrained people can be dangerous, and oftentimes DIY solutions make the problem much worse and only increase time, money and hassle in the long run.

Mary Straka
Mary Straka
Steve, Zach, and Clark were so helpful in figuring out my bed bug problem and went above and beyond to get rid of them. Would 100% recommend. Thank you!
William Haag
William Haag
Clark came out to inspect on the same day I called, a Saturday. We scheduled treatment for the following Tuesday They moved every piece of furniture and treated under and behind it. We have not seen any live bugs since.
Nicole Barrett
Nicole Barrett
I always thought bed bugs were from poor hygiene or dirty homes...come to find out... has NOTHING to do with either! I contacted Clark and his team and they did a fantastic job! Highly recommend! Amazing service and quality! Clark and his team were very pleasant to do business with in a time of panic and uncertainty. Very professional and reasonable pricing. I hope I won't need them again (lol), but if I do, I know who to contact!
Bryn Pennington
Bryn Pennington
Thermal clean was able to do what two other pest control companies could not: rid our rooms of biting spiders! Yikes! We are so grateful for their expertise and effective treatment. They were easy to work with, responsive and reasonably priced. Thank you again for such great work, Clark!
I.L. Roberts
I.L. Roberts
Thermal Clean was exceptional. They came recommended from our regular pest control pro when my mom had unanticipated bed bug exposure. Clark and his team were extremely responsive to all sorts of questions and concerns. They were thorough both at initial inspection and post-treatment. Recommend to anyone dealing with bed begs, big or small exposures.
Gina Fischer
Gina Fischer
My husband and I had bed bugs and had a very negative experience after two treatments from another company. Months later I was feeling itchy and called Thermal Clean for an inspection, not feeling comfortable contacting the initial company again. Clark was kind, responsive, and professional and showed up within less than 2 hours of my call to inspect the home. He did an honest, thorough inspection and even showed me pictures of what to look out for. Thankfully he did not find any bed bugs! While we didn't require any treatment this time, I would not hesitate to hire the Thermal Clean team or refer them to anyone in need.
Teresa Hernandez
Teresa Hernandez
This company provides stellar service. The owner's son came today and provided us with a full inspection as I was convinced we had bed bugs. He was very kind, professional, and honest. After his assessment, he determined we do not have bed bugs (thankfully). We are very appreciative of the time you spent helping us today. This company is one of a kind and we will definitely recommend you to our friends and families if ever needed.
Chantal Evans
Chantal Evans
My experience with them was top notch. Called back immediately and scheduled right away. Steve came out and did a thorough check of my home. Gave me homework and follow up advice. Well done!!
Duane Anderson
Duane Anderson
Clark was amazing! He followed up promptly, answering any questions we had. He also walked us through what to watch for in the future. He was very thorough with our property and made us comfortable with the process. Steven was great with the inspection. Super thorough and helpful with getting our appointment booked quickly. We would absolutely use Thermal Clean should another issue come up!
Matt McCartt
Matt McCartt
Very professional with communication and explaining what needed to be done and prepared before service was provided. Worked amazing with scheduling. Was able to update and show progress to ensure 100% of bugs were killed and out of my home. Would definitely recommend and will definitely use their service again if ever needed.

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