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The first line of defense against bed bugs is understanding their behaviors and preferred habitats. Armed with this information, you can proactively work to keep your home bed bug-free. When you can recognize bed bugs, you are sooner able to call in professional bed bug removal experts, like ours in Denver, at the first sign of trouble. This saves you time and money and can help you prevent a full-scale infestation from occurring in your home. Thermal Clean LLC is an innovative bed bug removal expert servicing the Colorado Front Range area, and we are a local, family-owned business. As a company, we are guided by our integrity and our commitment to providing total customer satisfaction. All of our work is warranted, and if we don’t resolve your bed bug issue on the first visit, we come back for free.

Kick bed bugs to the curb. Contact Thermal Clean LLC at 720-370-8300 to schedule a free bed bug inspection. Same-day appointments are available.

How Bed Bugs Get In

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt, grime, or trash. No matter how clean your home or office is, you may find yourself dealing with an infestation. When this happens, it can be baffling, and you’re probably wondering how the pests got in. These insects are tiny and very good at hiding in tight spaces. Consequently, they can hitch a ride home with you while you are none the wiser.

Bed bugs often get into your home on or in:

  • Luggage
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Laundry from shared machines
  • Second-hand furniture
  • Second-hand electronics
  • Adjacent apartments, condos, or buildings

Bed bugs are tenacious and difficult to eradicate. When they get into office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, and other multi-unit facilities, they can be especially difficult to get rid of. As the infestation outgrows its current location, they may venture out to adjacent units looking for more space. Additionally, shared laundry facilities can lead to a building-wide outbreak of bed bugs. It is always a good idea to keep an eye out in your home to ensure that any potential infestations are dealt with swiftly.

Where to Look for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, reaching only ¼ in size. They are also nocturnal, staying hidden during the day. This makes detecting them difficult. However, there are several common places they are found. When you are traveling, you should look in these areas before staying anywhere to confirm that your hotel or vacation rental is not infested. It is also a good idea to check these areas of your own home if you are experiencing an increase in insect bites or seeing something that looks suspiciously like a bed bug.

Areas where bed bugs tend to hide include:

  • The seams of mattresses and box springs
  • Around headboards and picture frames
  • Inside electrical sockets
  • Around nightstands
  • Inside lighting fixtures
  • Around baseboards and ceilings
  • Inside dressers and closets

Bed bugs are a global problem, and with the increased movement of people around the world, they show no sign of slowing down. Thermal Clean LLC is a bed bug expert, and our bed bug removal team has the skill and experience to tackle even the most difficult infestation.

You Can Rely on Thermal Clean LLC

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is bed bugs. At Thermal Clean LLC, we have a tried and true treatment process that includes thermostatically controlled heat treatment, a light chemical treatment, and the physical removal of bed bugs. Our approach is safe for your family and your pets, and it is so effective that your problem will be resolved in one visit, guaranteed. Whether you need a single room treated or an entire building, Thermal Clean LLC is your go-to bed bug removal expert.

We offer emergency bed bug services in Denver 24/7. Contact us at 720-370-8300 to get rid of bed bugs today.

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