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Did you know that bed bugs have been living on human blood for centuries by lurking in cracks and crevices around homes and apartments?

Although bed bugs aren’t known to pose serious medical threats or transmit disease, they are hard to get rid of parasites that can leave unsightly and very itchy bites.

If you think you have bed bugs, it can be hard to spot them. Luckily, a bed bug exterminator has a trained eye and methods of learning how deep your infestation goes.

When you have bed bugs, it’s in your best interest to hire professionals. Keep reading to learn how to choose a bed bug exterminator.

Ask About Experience

When looking for a bed bug exterminator, it’s important to ask about experience. In an industry like this, experience matters. An exterminator should have prior experience eradicating bed bugs in particular.

If you want to go further than asking an exterminator about their experience, ask if they can offer you a list of previous clients as well. These testimonials will allow you to check the quality of work of a pest control company.

You can also check out online reviews and scroll through the company’s website.

If you know a friend, neighbor, or family member that has had problems with bed bugs, ask them for recommendations about local exterminator companies.

Talk to Knowledgeable Representatives

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is a stressful process. To avoid something going wrong in the treatment process, make sure you talk to knowledgeable representatives.

Exterminator customer service is often an overlooked factor when choosing an expert. You don’t want to be left talking to anyone that doesn’t care to fix your problem.

Ask basic questions about extermination services and how the company generally deals with bed bugs.

This is a great time to ask how often they deal with this type of infestation as well because some exterminators don’t focus solely on bed bug eradication.

As stated before, you’ll always want to hire an exterminator that has experience with your specific situation.

Note whether or not the representatives you speak to take your concern seriously. They should be professional and not pressure you to sign a contract or make an instant decision.

Look for Credentials and Liability

You shouldn’t hire anyone to work on your home that doesn’t have the proper license and certification.

The exterminator company you look into should be licensed and certified. You’ll also want to check that these documents are up to date. You can verify licenses through your state’s Department of Agriculture.

In addition to these credentials, it’s beneficial for an exterminator to be an official member of a national, state, or local organization.

Checking that bed bug exterminators have liability is also important. These companies should be bonded and insured to protect themselves and your property.

Before opting for bed bug extermination, ask for a copy of their general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies.

Without these, you might be liable for property damages and employee injuries if something goes wrong during the extermination.

Make Sure They Do a Physical Inspection

Exterminators for bed bugs should have experience handling various cases, but a physical inspection of your home is still necessary.

There is no way a pest control company can prepare for your situation if they don’t first check to see what they are up against. Make sure this inspection is completed. This step in the process should be non-negotiable.

When a physical inspection is completed, an exterminator can determine the most effective treatment option.

Get a Free Quote

Bed bug extermination cost varies depending on how bad the situation is and the exterminator that you choose to hire. Most pest control companies offer free quotes so that you can compare prices in your area.

Although you can get a free quote online anytime, it’s important to receive another quote once the initial inspection is complete. The inspection will give the exterminator a better idea of how much the treatment will cost.

Some exterminators offer special discounts to make your experience more affordable.

A pest control company should always provide you with an estimate in writing. Don’t work with a company that claims they can’t issue you a binding agreement in writing.

Ask Them to Explain Their Methods

Don’t assume that your exterminator is using the best treatment option for your situation. Ask them to explain the methods they are using once they finish their inspection and before they start the job.

Not only will this ensure that you are getting the most effective method possible, but it will give you peace of mind while they work.

During this time, bring up hidden areas or problems you have concerns about so that an exterminator can tailor their plan to fit your needs.

When you understand the treatment methods, you can take the right steps to prepare for the services. Ask an exterminator what you need before the big day.

For example, you will likely have to prepare for a temporary leave. You’ll need to move children, relatives, and pets out of the home for the time being.

Consider Follow-up Services

In some cases, you’ll need to opt for follow-up services to ensure that your bed bug problem is completely eradicated.

If you discover an infestation in other areas of the home, a company should offer you follow-up services. Taking this offer is beneficial because you save money by sticking with one pest control company.

Hire a Denver Bed Bug Exterminator!

A bed bug exterminator is a qualified professional that can eradicate your bed bug problem and help you prevent it from occurring another time.

However, they aren’t all the professionals they claim to be. To hire the right person, use the tips in this guide.

For an experienced, helpful, and affordable exterminator in Denver, hire Thermal Clean. Contact us today for a free same-day inspection!