Expert Parker, CO Bed Bug Exterminators

Parker Bed Bug Exterminators

Thermal Clean are the experienced Parker bed bug exterminators. We’ve fought tens of thousands of bed bugs and can get rid of them effectively. Our bed bug detection services are affordable, speedy, and thorough, so you don’t have to worry about pests taking over your home.

If you end up with bed bugs, there’s not much point in treating the bites and then having to deal with the issue of the bed bugs themselves. You end up in a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break. That’s why, if you see bed bug bites on your skin, it’s important to call a professional company like Thermal Clean ASAP. Our exterminators specialize in this type of insect and we can help you permanently remove them from your home or business.

Prevention before calling Parker Bed Bug Exterminators

There are no shortcuts to solving the problem, but there are ways to make it easier. That means knowing what you’re up against.

Beware of places where bed bugs hide

Bedbugs live for between five and ten months. They spend their lives in cracks and crevices in your furniture or walls, or in your bedding. So any place that’s out of the way is a potential hiding place for them, especially if it can get a little warm and dark. Bedbugs also prefer places where they’ll be undisturbed for a while.

Inspect clothing for bed bugs

That means that any used furniture or clothes you bring into your home could potentially have bedbugs in them, and so should be inspected before you bring them inside. If there are any stains on the fabric — from sweat, say, or from being stored in an infested environment — or anywhere that doesn’t look quite right to you, don’t bring it in until you’ve had it treated.
You should also check out mattresses, box springs and other soft furnishings, as well as any upholstered furniture. You can buy a cheap hand-held magnifying glass from an optician’s shop to help you inspect these things properly — it will let you see small details.

Many insecticides don’t work

Unlike most other pests, bed bugs don’t die once they’re exposed to many insecticides. Instead, their eggs are either resistant or dessicate quickly. You’ll need to take a preventative approach, killing them before they grow into adults. Search out cracks and crevices to make sure you haven’t missed any eggs. Vacuum cracks and crevices regularly. Use bed bug-specific products and inspect your home for signs of an infestation regularly and rigorously.

Find a good exterminator.

The best way to deal with bed bugs is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place and if you do encounter them, to kill them as soon as possible before they have a chance to reproduce. That means finding a good exterminator who can help you keep your home free of bed bugs.

To prevent an infestation of bed bugs, start with sealing off cracks in your home. This will make it especially difficult for bed bugs to sneak inside. If they can’t get inside, they can’t get to you!

Do you need Parker Bed Bug Exterminators?

How do you know you need Parker pest control services? How do you identify the pests in your home and what is attracting them? Are you concerned with identifying signs of infestation before hiring a professional to help you get control of the problem? With the right questions and awareness, it’s easier than ever to make sure you call in a competent bed bug exterminator.

Among the signs that must warrant a call for an inspection and further treatment would be: if in and around your bed and headboard there is any blood or fecal matter, this signifies that the infestation might be quite severe and requires immediate attention; if you discover strange black spots in your bedding, closet, under furniture, cracks on hardwood floors or even inside electrical outlets, these might be droppings from the bugs, which will serve as a clear indication of their presence.

Regrettably, you’ve probably been dealing with the problem for much longer than necessary. Once you identify bed bugs, they can be dealt with much more quickly and efficiently. The sooner you reach out to our Parker Bed Bug Exterminators, the better.

Can bed bugs make me sick before I call Parker Bed Bug Exterminators?

Yes, bed bugs spread germs, but how great a concern is it really? Bed bugs find a feeding target by smelling the carbon dioxide we exhale. Contrary to rumor, they do not pass many serious diseases from person to person. They can, however, cause dermatitis (also known as breakfast, lunch and dinner). When you scratch the bites strenuously enough to break the skin, that’s when germs can be transmitted.

There are many factors to keep in mind when trying to decide between hiring a professional or doing the job yourself. From time and money, to where you live and what type of bugs you’re dealing with; there is no one size fits all for this dilemma. But one thing is certainly clear: hiring a professional is the way to go in many cases in fact in most cases, unless you really know what you’re doing and what you’re protecting.