Bed Bug Exterminators in Fort Collins


Thermal Clean is a full service Fort Collins Bed Bug Exterminators company offering bed bug removal. Our staff has years of experience in the pest control industry and is committed to providing safe, effective, and professional solutions for your pest problems.

There is a good chance that you have heard about bed bugs in the news lately. This is because they are becoming more common and spreading at an alarming rate. There are many different kinds of pests out there, but none quite like bed bugs. They are very small, so it is easy to have them come into your home without even knowing it. Once you do notice them, it can be hard to get rid of them on your own. That is when experts like us come in handy!

What services does Thermal Clean offer? We offer a variety of services including heat treatments and other methods of extermination to ensure that your home is back to being pest free. We also provide thorough inspections so that we can find every single bed bug hiding in your home before we begin any treatment procedures. This isn’t something you can deal with on your own. You need experienced Fort Collins Bed Bug Exterminators that have dealt with these pests before. We have been servicing Fort Collins and surrounding areas for many years and will provide you with the care that you need.

Signs you need Fort Collins Bed Bug Exterminators

Bed bugs do not discriminate against one type of person. They will feed off anyone who is sleeping in a bed that they are in. Bed bugs don’t fly, but they are able to move from place to place quickly. They can even move onto your clothing and travel with you without you having any knowledge of them being there until you see the tell-tale signs of an infestation. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of because they are small and can hide in very small spaces.

The good news is that bed bugs are not known to spread disease. However, they are known to cause extreme irritation. Some people may have an allergic reaction to the bites and experience severe itching and swelling around the affected area. Bed bugs are found in public places like hotels, movie theaters and apartment buildings as well as in individual homes. They do not discriminate and can be found in any location where there are humans.

Bed bug bites are similar to mosquito bites in that they may be red or swollen initially, but will then develop into a small, flat welt that is extremely itchy. These bites can happen anywhere on the body, but most often occur on exposed skin surfaces such as the arms and legs. The presence of bed bugs can be confirmed by removing the mattress from your bed frame and carefully inspecting it for rips or tears. Bed bugs tend to hide near seams, folds and crevices in mattresses, box springs and bed frames.

If you have been bitten and do not see any visible signs of bed bug infestation in your home, then it is likely that the bugs are hiding somewhere in your furniture or other items. Bed bugs multiply very fast, so if you see one or two of them, you can be sure that there are much more. The most common way to get rid of these pests is to hire Fort Collins Bed Bug exterminators.

Heat Treatment Bed Bug Removal

We use high-temperature heat to eliminate bed bugs. The biggest advantage of the heat treatment method is its effectiveness. Once the treatment is done, you can rest assured that there won’t be any more bed bugs in your home or business premises in Englewood . Our heat treatment is safe for kids, pets and the environment.

We will do everything possible to make sure we don’t disrupt your day-to-day activities too much. Some people are concerned about the chemicals that are used during a bed bug extermination in Fort Collins, Colorado . Because of this, we only use treatments that are considered safe for people and pets. You won’t have to worry about any harmful effects from our work!

We are experienced professionals that offer consultations and estimates to people who want to learn more about our services. Contact the Fort Collins Bed Bug Exterminator Experts today.