Bed Bug Exterminators & Removal in Centennial

Centennial bed bug removal

Thermal Clean is a licensed, bonded and insured Centennial bed bug removal company. Our goal is to rid your home of bed bugs as quickly, safely and thoroughly as possible. We believe that by providing the most comprehensive inspection and treatment services available, you will be able to sleep peacefully again.

Bed bugs can be frustrating to deal with. You may not know where they came from or how to get rid of them. You may choose the wrong exterminator and end up with an infestation worse than when you started. At Thermal Clean LLC, we know how to find bed bugs and ensure they’re gone post-treatment. Our Centennial bed bug removal system enjoys great success, and customers continue to be amazed by its effectiveness.

Customers prefer our Centennial bed bug removal program because we offer:

  • Upfront pricing – There are no hidden fees or surprise costs at the end of the job!
  • Hands-on treatment – We treat your home using a unique heat system that ensures your entire home is treated, not just where we see the bugs. We’ll even treat areas that don’t have any visible signs of an infestation!
  • Safe for kids & pets

Bed bugs have become a very serious problem in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they are becoming more common, and they can be hard to remove.

How to find bed bugs:

Look for any of the above signs of bed bugs in your home, especially if you have been bitten by them.

  • Are there any live bugs or dead bugs in my home? If you see any live bed bugs crawling, that would be a good sign that there is an infestation.
  • There are many other signs also such as fecal spots, eggs, shells and exoskeletons of dead bed bugs. You can also look for tiny black or red stains on your sheets from the blood that they drink from you.
  • Are there any fecal spots on the sheets in your bed, or small black or red stains? Any of these would be a sign that would suggest an infestation.
  • Shed skins: Bed bugs shed their skin as they grow larger. If you see little white pieces on your sheets, pillowcases, etc., then it could be a sign of bed bugs. 
  • Bites: Bites are the most obvious sign that a person has been bitten by bed bugs. These bites do not always show up immediately after they bite though. It can take a few days for them to appear, so it is important to keep an eye out for them over the course of several days. The bites look like little red bumps, often in lines or clusters.
  • A sweet musty odor in your bedroom.

Whether you have bed bugs yourself or live in a building where others do, it’s important to know how to prevent the spread of these pests. In addition, you need to know that effective bed bug removal is available.

Treatment options that Centennial bed bug removal experts provide

Treatment options include light chemical sprays designed to kill bed bugs, as well as non-chemical methods such as heat treatment. The most important step in getting rid of bed bugs is to locate and treat all the places where they hide particularly the mattress, box spring and other places that are difficult to find.

  • Treatment: We will first have to inspect the affected area to determine the size of the infestation and where it might have entered your home or business.
  • Thermal Clean uses thermal remediation methods that are proven to be effective against bed bugs. After we treat your home or business, we may provide you with a follow-up inspection to ensure that the problem is under control. If there are any signs of activity, we will schedule another appointment for further treatments.
  • Treatment Cost: The cost of treatment varies depending on the size of your property. Please contact us for a quote.

The most important thing you can do if you think you have bed bugs is contact a professional immediately. If you wait too long before contacting a company like Thermal Clean LLC, the problem could get much worse. That’s not something anyone wants to deal with! If you want information about how to prevent bed bugs in your home or business, read on!