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Once bed bugs are in your home, it’s tough to get rid of them. A bed bug infestation takes considerable effort and time to eliminate. Thermal Clean LLC is the bed bug elimination team you want on your side when you’re facing a bed bug infestation. You need to know how to get rid of them and we have the experience and know-how to get the job done. Our bed bug treatments are family-friendly and safe for your pets, too!

Call our office today at 720-370-8300 for bed bug elimination services in Lakewood. You can count on Thermal Clean LLC to solve your bed bug infestation problem.

Signs You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Evidence of live bed bugs
  • Eggs, shells, exoskeletons, decaying bed bug matter
  • Sheets with bed bug feces marks

Our treatment program kills bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle, which makes it very effective.

We are dedicated to our craft, so customers can rest easy knowing we are on the case. We will eliminate the bed bugs from your home, and we won’t rest until they are gone. We use such light chemical treatments that our program is safe for your family and pets.

The Most Effective Bed Bug Remediation & Removal

The creation of Thermal Clean LLC is the result of serendipity. We found out we needed to solve a problem, and when we found a solution, we decided to share it with our community. Our bed bug remediation program has been proven through real-world application to work in a variety of situations. We begin our services with heat treatments, which are an effective means of bed bug elimination. After the heat treatment, we use a light chemical to ensure we also treat the bed bugs that weren’t killed in the first phase of treatment. We believe our system works well because our heat treatments attack both adult bed bugs and larvae. Customers within our service area can call our team and watch our system work for you!

Services You Can Trust From Reliable Professionals

Because of the light chemicals we use in our bed bug elimination process, customers find they don’t have to be in a hotel for days and away from your home. Thermal Clean LLC is a primarily heat-based elimination method, so it’s generally a one-day treatment process that’s safe for everyone in the household.

Our system is different from the competition because:

  • All stages of bed bugs and eggs will be killed
  • We treat the whole home, carpets, furniture, curtains, walls, and ceilings
  • Your home’s surfaces are safe with our treatment
  • Your furniture and mattresses can be treated and saved
  • Done in a day: our treatments are generally done in a single day


At Thermal Clean LLC, we provide the most reliable bed bug elimination services in Lakewood. The heat treatments we use kills even the bed bugs hiding within your home. Schedule your same-day appointment by calling us at 720-370-8300.

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    Happy Customer!

    I loved working with Clark and Steve. Professionals, quick, and effective. They offer top of the line services for an extremely competitive price.

    Highly Recommend!

    We got hit by bed bugs while on vacation. In addition to the physical pain of the bites, we had a lot of emotional trauma. We worried that we might bring them home with us. So we contacted Brad about heat treating our possessions which were considerable in number having traveled with a baby. There was no way we were bringing these into the house until we were confident there were no bugs that we might have picked up. The treatment gave us the peace of mind we needed to get on with our lives. I don’t know what we would have done without this service.

    Reliable & Efficient

    I manage a 79 unit Senior Independent Living facility and Mo has been more than efficient in his services at our complex. We have managed to keep the bed bugs out of the building after agreeing to do monthly maintenance, which in turn has saved us $$$. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking services from them.

    Knowledgeable & Friendly

    I must say that upon hearing there were still bugs the owner came the very next morning to explain the steps involved in getting rid of these bugs. That was a help to my mom. It would have been helpful had he explained everything beforehand. He will be monitoring the treatment and we appreciate that he is doing that.

    Highly Recommend!

    Very professional and fair on pricing.

    Very Satisfied

    I called thermal clean after receiving several bites, and seeing some blood on the sheets. I was terrified that we had bed bugs. I’m also pregnant, so I was concerned with the heavy use of pesticides that other companies use. Thermal Clean called me the morning after I called in tears and was so sweet. I described our issues and he said they could come out and do an inspection that day! He came and did a thorough inspection, and to my delight, found nothing. He was very thorough, checked three beds and two sofas, as well as behind pictures and behind our headboard. I still plan on also having a dog come and inspect to be extra certain, but I feel a lot better. Thermal Clean is a company with great integrity. They could have easily told me I had bedbugs and I would have handed over whatever money they asked. Instead they did a free inspection, set my mind at ease, and all for free. If the dog finds a small infestation, I will use thermal clean to remediate the problem. They clearly care about their customers and are there to provide excellent service. Consider them first should you have real (or imagined) bedbugs!

    Very Satisfied

    Because of the professionalism and integrity and the time I was given, I will recommend your company to anyone I know who is unlucky enough to have bedbugs.

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