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Bed bugs are considered to be the most difficult pest to eradicate. Most people will immediately call a traditional pest control company. Although pesticides are a useful tool in combating bed bugs, they generally are not the best alternative. Other alternative methods exist such as steam, heat guns or cryogenics. Again, useful tools, but in and of themselves, they will generally not fix the problem. Thermal Remediation is a proven non-chemical method of treating both commercial and residential bed bugs. If you chose to limit your approach to a single method, it is far more effective than pesticides or other alternative methods alone. However, again, you would only be using one tool in an effort to fix the problem. In our 3 years of Thermal Remediation work, we learned a call back rate of 15-20% is common in the industry using this single tool (even higher with other methods). We knew we could do better!

An Integrated Approach

Thermal Clean of Louisville, CO now takes an Integrated approach to bed bug removal for your office and home. Think of it in terms of using your entire tool box, not just a single tool. After all, although you might be able to build a boat with just a hammer, would you want to go on an ocean voyage in that boat? In other words, we Vacuum, Steam, Thermal Remediate and Apply a light preventative residual pesticide to the perimeter of each room as a safeguard against any stragglers which may have eluded the other tools. Since instituting this approach, we have had no call backs. Historically, this approach results in a 3-5% call back rate. A clear improvement to the 15-20% call back rate of standard Thermal Remediation companies experience which do not integrate a residual pesticide application.

We feel the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may have said it best:

According to the US EPA:

"Controlling bed bugs takes time and patience….Combining chemical and non-chemical treatments in a unified approach often make the most sense. This approach is called integrated pest management (IPM). IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment combined with available pest control methods like pesticides. Together this information is used to manage pest damage based on what you can afford and what is most effective. It also provides a solution with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment."

Best of all, not only does our process offer the most effective system for eliminating bed bugs, it is also a better value. This is because:

  • Our process requires less equipment!
  • Our process requires less man power!
  • We use fewer resources (fuel, electricity, pesticides)!
  • We have fewer call backs!

In other words, we are less intrusive than traditional methods! This means less equipment, people and pesticides in your home. Add this to the fact that we are 200% less likely to have to return to do a secondary treatment, we are able to reduce our costs and pass that along to our customers.

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